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Possibility of 60,000 followers in 6 months!

Social media is easily accessible and it’s also the meeting point of today’s internet savvy audience. Major portion of younger generation, teenagers and middle aged people, are major percentage of the total social media user population. Social media opens possibilities of direct access to clients without any third party intervention. Social Media following today is the new resume and business card. More and more people are realizing the importance of building our social media platforms and its importance for business and entertainment, because most things will be online soon.

Therefore, ABT Promotion, a platform launched only a week ago, on March 5, 2021, designed and implemented a strategy to build our Social Medias with real followers faster through means of team work and team efforts, rather than buying followers.

You can sign up by following these few simple steps;

STEP 1: Visit
STEP 2: Click “Build Social Following”
STEP 3: Register by subscribing to our website
STEP 4: Like, follow and subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
STEP 5: Create a telegram account.

Download on Android

Download on Apple

STEP 6: Our team will send you a link to join our telegram group.
This group is for posting links only (social media pages). Everyone who join the group is expected to review all posted links; like, follow and subscribe to each.

As a team, it is important that everyone follow the formula which is to like follow and subscribe to each members links and pages daily and keep recruiting persons to join. We are building a pool of people that will work for together, for each other to ensure that this platform, ABT promotions become self-sustaining.

*If you have any questions or queries please message an admin directly via telegram*